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December 8, 2009

I listened to an inspirational podcast earlier this evening. it was inspirational, but it could also be called startling.

the topic- entreprenuership. the host- Jason Calcanis. if you haven’t heard Calcanis speak before, he is very direct. he speaks passionately about entreprenuership, and he derides “worker bees”.

this is where the startling part happened. Calcanis said you can be one of two things: a rice picker or a samurai. a samurai is the entreprenuer; the rice picker: a worker bee.

he says the worker bee works to make someone else rich and accomplishes very little after a career.

the samurai, on the other hand, creates opportunities, builds wealth, and leaves a legacy behind after retiring.

it’s easy to see which one Calcanis prefers. however, he does say it requires a special individual to be an entreprenuer- a driven, risk taker who can survive a dog eat dog world.

he made me think- what business could I start? I don’t want to be a rice picker who is simply afraid and continues to pick rice. what do I do well that I could be remembered for?