Becoming whole

I am re reading Stephen Covey’s masterpiece The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. While it is not flashy, the book is so rich with common sense advice for living a fulfillig life. Last night I was going through chapter 2 titled “Begin With the End in Mind”. During the chapter, Covey urges readers to go through an exercise where they visualize their personal funeral ceremony. The purpose is to get an idea of what a family member, church or community member, and coworker would say about you. It really spurred me to action because my visualization didn’t really match the person I want to be. In this case, Covey says to write down core principles and use these as a “North Star” to guide your everyday activities. To make a traveling analogy, everyday your actions get you closer to or take you farther from this navigational beacon.

Covey says this is living with integrity. The term ‘integrity’ has Latin roots. It stems from the word ‘integer’ which means whole. Covey argues once a person acts according to rimless principles, they experience a wholeness. Like the book cover, Covey proved his life was more about substance than style. According to, Covey’s eulogy on 7-21-2012 included speakers from his family, close friends, and business associates. The service lasted two hours, and it highlighted his personal integrity. “He had complete integrity. There was no gap between what he said and what he did. As good as he was in public, he was even better in private as a father and a husband,” Stephen M.R. Covey said.

That’s my goal: full of integrity.


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