Everyone loves me but…

The title of this post is a sample interview question that General Stan McChrystal asks potential hires. I learned this yesterday while listening to his podcast episode with Tim Ferriss. He liked using the question because it forces someone to be self aware, quick witted, and able to communicate bad news.

If I had to answer the question, I would say that everyone loves me but I can be more consistent and I can exercise more willpower especially in the face of sweets after dinner. That one is challenging for me which is surprising since I recently completed an audiobook titled Grain Brain by Dr. David Perlmutter, a neurologist and member of American College of Nutrition. Perlmutter makes a convincing case for eliminating gluten from one’s diet. I have made significant strides; however, I still break down on occassion to satisfy my sweet cravings.

I don’t believe General McChrystal would have such a problem. The man wakes at 4:30 every morning and completes 90 minutes of exercise before getting his day started. Discipline is his watchword. Nevertheless, he did say that he became fat while in the service and this prompted him to take up running. Now, he only eats one meal per day- dinner. That may be more impressive than the 4:30am daily wake up call in my opinion!

I’m going to walk my dogs now so I can get some exercise before starting my day.


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